Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh just make please make this basic inference / and speak of me in the present tense

1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a thumb war!

Hectic week full of felt, thread, apple pies and brownies.
And of course a heck load of butterscotch sauce I wasn't allowed to touch.
I'm sure the guests wouldn't have minded if I took a couple of spoonfuls.

Thumb war belt for the real man.
A nice way to pass time at business meetings and other important, but sometimes bothersome things.

What time is it? Oh, of course. How could I forget? I've got a fantastic watch that is quite consistent.
Ever so reliable.

The packages are all wrapped under the tree. Though some of them are quite wrinkly from many attempts to peek at the tiny holes in the wrapping.

Need to relax? Take some time to let these sounds fill you up.

1. James Morrison - The man has style. I will forever love him.

2. Local Natives - I suggest listening to Airplanes. It will change your life. Forever.

3. Mumford & Sons - They are experts at the build up. 

4. Ray LaMontagne - He's swell. Quite swell indeed. And he has an excellent beard.

I've taken over the living room coffee table. I reign supreme there. Now off I go to bake some sickerdoodles and wait for the creative juices to come.

Snickerdoodles :
Cinnamon covered sugar cookies. 

( The Privateers - Andrew Bird)


  1. i can practically smell the snickerdoodles!
    the thumb war idea is beyond brilliant.
    you are ever-so-creative, darling dear!

  2. Oh, many thanks love! *hugs you*