Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm still here / but it hasn't been easy

Hectic week involving tired eyes, hungry stomachs, and Christmas parties with scrabble and good laughs.

A million little things to get done. Like tomorrow for example.
Get Dad's present.

It's going to be neck aching. Since it involves getting on public transportation.
And just found out that Darren Criss is live in Greenbelt tomorrow! Eeeep. And i'll aboard a jeepney with a lot of sticky people. I'll just have to pine away for his beautiful voice. But hopefully Dad will agree to take me the next day if he's not busy. Oh, Darren, it's been two weeks now since I last heard you sing.

Today however I refrained from napping and was quite productive.
Folded some clothes.
Lolled in the bed.
Folded more clothes.
Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Put together a package to be mailed.
More Harry.
No food.
More Harry.

All in all. I am quite accomplished and am bursting with hunger and pride. The sweet smells of dinner are creeping up the stairs telling me to follow my heart. Which I will. Soon. 

But not until you see what else my crochet hook and I have done.

I recently purchased some amazing buttons and made more cuffs. I'm completely in love with them and have put them inside the mailing envelope already to avoid making any last minute decisions that may involve me keeping them. 

Also, if you're one of the people who are waiting on me to send them something just know that I still will. Here is some proof:

I've placed all the things that need to be mailed in separate little brown paper baggies and written everyone's name on top for easier times. Oh, ho. I hope I can get this all done soon. 
But for now the stomach is pleading with me and I really cannot refuse. So, off I go to devour a much awaited meal.

( The Boy - James Morrison )

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