Thursday, December 9, 2010

a cubism dream / the most beautiful squares i'd ever seen

Lists. There is nothing quite like making lists. 
Even if most of the time I don't end up finishing them. 

Today, I added two things to the list. 
6. Buy a new pen. (Which I did.)
and number
7. Nail Polish.
Totally impromptu and unneeded. But nice nonetheless.  

This week I got a swell package from Via. Who is a very very very swell person. 
She gave me Spectrespecs, yarn (eeeeeeee.), felt (ahhhhhh.), and a wonderful letter. 
Oh, and a mustache. Which might come extremely handy one day when impersonating a man needs to be done. Especially one with a wonderfully furry stache. 

Yesterday I attended a party and enjoyed my outfit immensely. 

Some of the best thrifted things ever.

As for my Gryffindor scarf this is how far I've come. 

I will finish it. I promised myself. Only, I'm afraid I've made it too thick and that the yarn won't reach, but never mind. The goal. I must think of the goal.
The Goal: Go as far as you can.
*insert relevant totally inspiring sports movie quote here*

What's more?
This is what's more.

They're lying in the wonderfully pink box Via gave me. All nice and snuggled in my ever so swell felt. Which I will make into something. I just have to decide what first. 

I went Christmas shopping with the dad today. It was nice. Though I shall have to refrain from exclaiming about my excellent purchases here. Let's just say certain people will find some presents under the tree with their names on it. 
Oh, did I forget to mention? I'm seventeen now. 
I like this number. Hopefully it doesn't run away as fast as sixteen did. 
As V always says,
Peace and chicken stuffing. 

( Cubism Dream - Local Natives)


  1. you create awesomeness. seriously.

  2. Oh, thank you! You just made my day. *grins*