Friday, September 3, 2010

talk to the sky / talk to the man with the reasons why

The week is ending and instead of finding yourself overjoyed at that prospect you find yourself singing, "Fever, fever, go away, never come back another day."
Terrible isn't it? Not that terrible. There are actual things in life that can cheer you up. Here is a list I put together of the good things that come when a fever is on the nearing horizon.
1. I didn't bother putting down "a good book" because everyone knows that it immediately means Pride & Prejudice. No one can ever have enough of Mr. Darcy. Ever.

2. Music is vital. It creates the whole mood. And considering I'm not so much for head banging with hammers inside my head I go for something waaaaay better. James Morrison and Ray LaMontagne are great examples of what I listen to (whether or not I'm sick).

3. And comfort food. These are actually things I crave for on a daily basis, but considering I only actually get them when I'm sick is why they are up here.

Now of I go to try to hunt down substitutes for comfort food. Thank goodness I actually have Mr. Darcy in paperback other wise I'd die. No joke.

(Come In With the Rain - Taylor Swift)

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