Tuesday, September 7, 2010

well my heart knows me better than i know myself / so im gonna let it do all the talking

Elle (sister of awesome) and I are preparing for an open mike this coming Saturday and we've got a couple of songs on our list:

1. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall (Aly and Aj cover)
2. New Shoes - Paolo Nutini (love of my life)
As you can obviously see it's a rather though decision. I mean, how can one decide between such a fun song and the love of their life! Talk about trials and tribulations.

But enough of that, I've officially decided that Tuesdays will become Crazy Cork Board day. I'll be posting a photo of a cork board full of pictures of things I love, want, and maybe, quite possibly, need. 

1. Book of the week: My Most Excellent Year - Steve Kulger
Elle made me read this book a few moths ago and I fell in love. Like absolutely gaga over the characters. I'm saving up to get a copy and not patiently anticipating the sequel in bookstores.

2.Album/ Song of the week: Jason Mraz! The man is without a doubt one of the finest of our generation. One of the reasons I've also been thinking  about Mr. Mraz is because I've been missing a certain girl that I need to have some serious hanging out time with. Really, could the man get any cooler?

3. Movie of the week: This movie actually started out as a book! An terrific one too, I might add. But now it's becoming a movie. Ah. Making my lifelong dreams into reality. (When I say lifelong I' being sarcastic. Goodness know I haven't lived that long!)

4. Want of the week: Oh, J. Crew. Why must you taunt me so? With your petty clothing that will never grace my closet and wonderful bags that will never hang upon this shoulder.

5. Place of the Week: Bankal, Makati Vintage Shops. I've been putting all my recently earned money into a box on top of my cupboard towards a shopping spree. And I've already got a destination in mind.

6. Need of the week: Glasses. I was wiping the lenses of my glasses earlier today when my sister pointed out the rust that was beginning to make a home in them. Horrors! So here are a few pictures of vintage glasses that I found to lust over. Feel free to do the same.

(Black Horse and the Cherry Tree - KT Tunstall)

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  1. i love you. and i love reading this. i'm so glad you started one up again :)