Tuesday, August 3, 2010

but you and me walk on/cause you can't go back now

First purchase of August. I mean actual purchase. not the usual things people have to spend money on like, food, food, and oh, I forgot, food! I'm really happy with this dress. It's really bold (not always what I have the courage to wear) and it's fuzzy. Like, it has hair. Me and Elle (sister of awesome) dubbed it alpaca. Weird it know. It's actually meant for Thursday, when me and Elle will be going to see CATS at the PICC theater. Elle told me that wearing a fuzzy dress to see CATS is ironic in a way, but I'm totally pushing that fact aside. I went broke because of this dress. If I don't wear it I'm going to totally regret it. That's a fact.

(Can't Go Back Now - The Weepies)

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