Thursday, February 2, 2012

crinkles. goodness covered in sweet snow.

So, I'm thinking I should probably stop saying "I'm back" just in case I tire you all out. In the meantime just a little filling in is in order I suppose. As you all know, V-day is coming up and I have got some orders to do. I have some Valentines Day drawings to finish up.
AND a whole bunch of other things.

Here's a sneak peak of one of the things I'm supposed to be finishing up:

Cute right? If you check out pinkteacupshoppe tomorrow you can take a look at how I incorporated it into our Freebie Friday. Side-note: I love pen pressure on Photoshop.

Also, last Sunday I gave away chocolate lollipops just for the heck of it. Take a look:

If you are as in love with these delish babies right now you can also go here to order some for your beloved(s) this Valentines day. Who doesn't have a sweet tooth when it comes to a sweet holiday?

Also, my little sister Sam, she runs the littleshow, has been featured in Total Girl for February issue! Such fun. 

Last but not least, Pink Teacup Vintage has finally been re-stocked, so if you feel a n itch to go shopping, head right over here to take a look at our rack.

Also, ever since I've gotten a copy of John Mayer's albums I've simple can't stop listening to a select few.

What's coming out of your headphones?

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