Monday, December 12, 2011

stuck in her daydream / been this way since 18

Two weeks ago I celebrated my 18th birthday. Nothing fancy, just some midnight cake with a bunch of friends and an episode of New Girl (which is excellent, by the way).

Joe snapped this photo of me and my cake at least three times before we could get a good one.

(Gail, Hans, Me, Luis, Joe and Jenny)
After the candles were blown Elle took a picture of me with everybody else.

Making music. Every night needs some Mayer songs to be sung.

Hans enjoying my little sister's uke.

This is me and the uber awesome Dave. We decided to create a ritual. Every Sunday we see each other we bring things we can swap. So, this was our first. 
The feathered black jacket was his and as you can guess the army green jacket was mine. We attempted to switch shoes as well, but mine were much too tiny for his feet. Shame, I really longed to wear his DCs. 

Bet you can't wait to see what else we'll be swapping!

( The A Team - Ed Sheeran )

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