Wednesday, December 14, 2011

just show them what I choose / got nothing to lose

For those of you that didn't know or simply we're able to stop by Pink Teacup Shoppe joined the Brown Bag Bazaar just last week! Here are a few picture from that day.
To be honest the day didn't start out so great. The skies we're grey and it began drizzling on our way there. But, we managed to get everything set up and got help from our friends Andrea and Joe. Afterwards we headed off to 7 eleven for some big gulps and hotdogs. 

We had a Bauble Bar. The point was for a cheap flat price you could create your very own arm party. See the inspiration board I created in the back? 

Some necklace sets and stickies I made!

(Joe, Andrea & I)
Crossing Ayala Triangle to go get some food.

Clearly too busy eating to talk.

Plus, Elle gave a papercut demo giving lots of  paper-cutting tips!

( Helena Beat - Foster the People )

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