Sunday, April 17, 2011

there'll be a smile on my face and the kettle on / and it will be just like you were never gone

It was quite a fantastical Saturday, even if the Script came and I could not see them and scream with the crowds to their great music. However, I've been told, they said they would come back. So I'm going to start by selling all my clothes, personal belongings, etc so I have enough money to purchase a ticket when they come here again. Eeep.

If you want to know why it was fantastical, well that's because we had a little party with a couple of Elle and my favorite girls. We dug out the trims, cans of threads, other tiny little tidbits and mom put together a great feast. We had a reconstructing party. 
(Not as boring as it sounds!)
We asked each girl to bring an old t-shirt that they didn't use anymore and were okay with cutting it up. 

But, why am I doing all the talking? Here I'll let the pictures show you what a jolly good time we had and make you all envious you didn't get to try some of our cupcakes.

All of us getting ready to stuff ourselves silly.

Our menu:
Cinnamon Cupcakes
Cream Cheese Dip
Buttered Toast
and Marshmallows in teeny tiny Ice Cream Cones

Andrea and Amanda cutting away!

Me getting some pretty black lace for my top.

Andrea braiding the drawstring for her skirt made out of an old blue t-shirt.

Sam sewing on patterned birds.

Posing with out works of art that looked store bought!

After Andrea and Amanda left us, we four girls left behind in a now much less gay party sewed some more. I had another t-shirt and have always seen stuff like this online. So, I searched for a tutorial and finished it in less than half a day! Amazing. Ahgsdfgdsfghkhkdfd.

Here is the tutorial for making one. Try it. Watch the video. You'll be glad you did it and you'll feel extremely good.
*chest swelling up with pride*

This is the front. All nice-good-girl-totally-normal.

And THIS is the back! Boo-yeah. So bad-butt. Hehe.

This is a new favorite of mine from The Script's second album Science & Faith. It's so terribly good. And I cried the first time this song filtered through my ears and filled up this small shell of a soul I have.

( If You Ever Come Back - The Script )

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  1. you have the best parties. i must come some time.
    :( i hate being so far away.