Friday, February 18, 2011

so many things I'd say if only I were able / but I just keep quiet and count the cars that pass by

Yesterday mom and I took the bus and went off to the World Trade Center to the Baking Thing-a Majing.
It was fun.
And let me just say, those huge blocks of 1 kilo cream cheeses, that they have for display,  have never looked so good. Whenever I get to heaven I hope God gives me a room made our of cheese. With bacon sheets. 

And a pizza pillow.


Guess what my mom did buy me though.
A whisk!
And it's orange. 

I put macaroons just because.

Let's take a little trip back in time. I never did get to post a picture of the things I gave Via when she came to the Philippines for a while. I must say, it was an excellent day. Full of talk and bacon. 

Here are a few things I placed inside her package:

Hope Was Here - Joan Bauer
A Felt Watch Stuck At Three 
Some Pizza Clips (made my Sister of Awesome)
Star Shoelaces
Sorcerers Stone Ring 
and other things.

Some photos of our adventure.

We got Via addicted to felt.

Her amazing artistic ability came through. One hell of an awesome BACON ring folks!

Enjoying some laughs.
But that is only cause we fail at being all serious and such.
We are such pathetic models.
Good thing our photographer was a tripod.

And last but not least our hipster photo.
This girl ya'll is the bacon to everybody's eggs.

This is my cupboard. Or at least the top part.
Sad to say this is actually a week old picture which means that it doesn't actually look like that anymore. It has little bits of paper littered everywhere and a stack of books I brought down from the attic for some light reading before bed. And by light I mean, "I am going to finish this book before I shut off!"

 Now, back to the present times.
Here is a definite must have.
I know I should sell it, but really? Come on. Look at it's awesomeness.
However, I need the money and I know someone out there will love it almost as much as I do.
I say almost because that crown was hard to satin stitch. 

And you all know it speaks the truth right?
From now until forever more,
"Weasley Is Our King"


( King of Anything - Sara Bareilles )

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  1. Wow, that weasley badge is amazing! If you're not going to sell it, I might just need to make a perfect replica of it :)