Thursday, February 17, 2011

and there’ll be love in the bodies of the elephants too / I’ll put my hands of your eyes but you peek through

I have this strong urge to watch Elizabethtown.
Like right now.
But sadly it's going to have to wait and I'm just going to have to update you on other things.

Like Valentines Day. Which, just so you know, involved  cupcakes, cookies and some pretty banners.

Here is a how to to make some happy banners with a bottle of glue, some vintage book paper, string, and a red marker.

All you have to do is tear some pages out of the book of your choice. Figure out what style you're banner is going to have. Whether you want these rounded ones or triangular ones. And fold them at the top, put some glue, place the string in the flap, press together and ta-da! You're done. You can also draw on them like I did. Or scallop the edges. It's really up to you.

Annnnd. Elle (Sister of Awesome) and I finally bought some black nail polish.  Just so you know...
I freakin' love it.

What's more? Me making pancakes in the kitchen of a friend. They were very good. Plus, the day was fun. We played two rounds of bingo ( I know.), talked, jammed, and made some excellent and very filling dinner.

One more thing.

I haven't watched GLEE in ages but I stumbled upon this and now...let's just say this is the reason I'm going to try very hard to get my hands on a copy of everything I missed.

Oh! And I want to see what happened to everybody's love life. 
But that is all.

( Five Years Time - Noah and the Whale )


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  2. Let's cover it! In-the-near-future-when-we-meet-again-which-we-totally-will-just-so-you-know-i-love-you-dearly.