Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm stuck on a verse / I'm stuck on a boy who fills me with joy

I have a confession. Sometimes, I swear, I think I might be singlehandedly buying all the nail polish in the Philippines.
Despite this however I have some suggestions on what to do with the all the almost empty bottles of nail polish I know you have in your cupboards and such.

1. Buy a bottle of nail solvent.
That is it. Nail solvent. It's a life saver.
I recently found some half empty bottles of nail polishes I wasn't quite ready to let go of yet. So here is what I did:

I mixed them.

And they turned a most wonderful shade. Totally delectable and appetizing (Not that I would eat it.).

 TA - DA!

Also, in more recent news, I have an idea of what to give my dad for Christmas. 
And guess what? It doesn't involve socks, handkerchiefs or golf magazine subscriptions.
Yay me!

 Some beautiful art by ghostpatrol

Click the link to enjoy a wonderful video by:
Drum-roll please...
* drum-roll*
Au Revoir Simone.

Yes, Au Revoir. For now at least. I'm off to enjoy a slice of cake.
Chocolate, I might add.

( Your Song - Kate Walsh )


  1. oh, so this is where you went.
    i felt so lost & alone every time i clicked on my bookmark of your other blog.

    nice to see you again :)