Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ever fallen in / in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with

I remember first watching Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Frontal Snogging.
Great memories come along with it, such as, Vanilla Cream Sodas, Hawaiian Punch, and a heck load of burnt popcorn. Ahhh. So very wonderful. Really nothing compares to burnt popcorn, especially when you've got great laughs to go with it.

Also, I remember falling in love with Aaron Johnson. Even if technically his slightly "un-matured" voice did knock him down a peg or two. But still. The boy was a definite looker. 
And then of course the rest of the world had to go and fall in love with him as well in Kick Ass. Which, I am sad to say, I still have not seen.

Also, I must remember to watch this:

Guess what? A certain Mr. Potter is looming large over my future and I only consider it right to show a little respect to, the Boy Who Lived, the King, and Hermione. They have after all made 2/3 of my life a dream. And most of the things I make are inspired by them. J.K. Rowling you rock!

(Props to Elle for the awesome wristband.)

There is a tingling in my toes that cannot be ignored. 
A whisper in my head that cannot be silenced.

Oh dear, I think Old Voldy's out to get me. Yikes.

( Ever Fallen In Love - Stiff Dylans)

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