Thursday, November 4, 2010

cause it goes on and on and on / and it goes on and on and on

Soooo, I figured since I already got most of my presents done I might as well begin wrapping them up just to be sure I'm not too backed up come December. 

I decided to try to use up as much of the paper I already had inside the house and stumbled upon three packs of board with shades I just absolutely fell in love with (however only two are pictured above). I was making the envelopes out of these boards when I saw my little sister doodling away. I immediately fell in love with those little foxes on bright yellow paper as well. I actually wanted to continue packing up and making some things only to find that I had run out of FIMO and my glue stick was all sad and squishy at the end. So, until then I suppose.

Here are a couple of rings I made two days ago. All happy, painted, and ready to be given.

I'm sorely tempted to keep them for myself. Teehee.

Also, Elle (sister of awesome) snatched this photo of me earlier today. It's funny how easily life can be made with an unmade bed, comfy pillows, food (not pictured above), lots of music, and a good book.

By the way, I'm reading Red Sails to Capri - Ann Weil in this photo. Some times I wonder if I'm ever really growing up with favorites like these.
 It's awesome. Pick it up and spend some time with it. 
It just might change your life.

( Dynamite - Taio Cruz)

P.S. A little shout out to Becca! Cause she never fails to leave a comment, I LOVE HER, and everybody could use more love.

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  1. hahaha. i almost didn't see that shout out just as i was formulating my comment. haha.
    also: these rings? pure brilliance.
    the foxes: pure adorable-ness
    the photo of you: pure beauty.
    i miss you miss bee.