Thursday, February 7, 2013

side-dish of love

Valentine's Day is coming up soon and I am just so excited. 

Ever since I was little my mom would always make it a point to give my sisters and I valentines presents. No matter how small. 
I'd find valentines in my lunch box with a heart shaped sandwich, my chewing gum stick would have the cutest wrapper. Even my lollipops had sleeves with reminders that I'm loved. And knowing what a good feeling one can get from that I've kept up the tradition. 
(I'm not married-I'm only 19 folks!-so I just have to practice on my friends.)

While browsing the net for ideas I came across these! They're by Mr.Printables. They are super easy to make and they make me smile. Try them out for yourselves. 
Over here
They (He?) have three different kinds with three colors per design.


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