Thursday, November 10, 2011

coz in my dreams / we can spend a little time just talking

Last week was epic! Elle and I had a PAP (post apocalypse party). 

We told people to come as how they would dress during the end of the world, and my what a crowd we turned out to be!

Justin Bieber, Dear John, and a Hobo

An excellent game of apocalypse themed pictionary. 

We gave the winners Jelly Belly's Bean Boozled. Terrible, I know.
And then...charades!

I Am Legend.


With some really excellent people. (Lois and Sid)

We are so cool.

And I got to hang with this fantastic girl.

Though, I personally think, if our skills were tested we would all die. But at least we would die pretty. 

And no party is a party without giveaways! People should never stop having them.

There is ALWAYS hope.

( In My Dreams - James Morrison )

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