Thursday, June 2, 2011

you won't talk me into it next time / if I'm going away your hearts coming too

I'm addicted. I swear, I'm going to cover everything in a layer of paint and decoupage it to the death.

Here is how my day went so far:

I painted my box a great shade of orange. 
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And then I took a break and had a very nutritious breakfast. 

I'm kidding. 
Hehe. I had some cereal. AND THEN I had my nutritious breakfast. 

It tasted great. 

This is my box after a coat of paint. 
My mom insisted I put an old newspaper underneath my workspace to avoid getting any paint or glitter on the table. It was part of the Sunday comics.

I'm sure you've already noticed my love for food. I clearly had a chocolate filled day. 
But really, who wouldn't want to stuff themselves with all this goodness?

These things are just so addicting! Plus, they bring back great childhood memories. 

Here's my box all done up! I put dots of glitter to make it sparkle. 
Also, I managed to do everything without ruining my manicure. I think that's the greatest feat of  all. 

I'm also on a trailer watching spree and I'm itching to watch this. 

It looks great. 

( Ten Days - Missy Higgins )

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