Tuesday, February 22, 2011

there's a fire starting in my heart / reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark

This week Elle, Sam and I received the cutest package.

This is mine and Elles. 

He're is a close up:

A Cookie Pin
Some Cat Bookmarks
Colorful Postcards
A Little Letter

All these little goodies are from none other than Ms. Stella.
Isn't it just full of loveliness?

This week I made a clock. Actually, I made most of a clock. So this post will have a continuation.
I found some unpainted wooden clocks about a month ago when my Mom, Elle and I were cleaning out the storage. And now I finally decided on how to decorate it. Since I couldn't think of anything in particular to paint I decided to decoupage.

Theme: Fashion
Color: Grey

Step One:

Paint your clock! (I picked a neutral shade)

Step Two:

Find some pictures you would like to use. (I used the magazines as seen. Elle, Teen Vogue and Nylon magazine.)

Step Three:

Photocopy the pictures you'll be using. ( I didn't want to cut out of the magazines so instead I photocopied my favorite images. Though I did get a few colorful ones to add as well. 

Step Four:

Have the following things ready:
1. Glue
2. Paint
3. Varnish
4. A Brush

Now wouldn't you like to know how it all turned out!

Adele is simply fabulous.

Rolling In The Deep is one of the best revenge songs ever.
Who knew revenge could be so classy?

( Rolling In The Deep - Adele )

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