Friday, January 7, 2011

trying to make your heart feel like a glove / what it needs is love, love, love

Snip, snip, snip went the shiny silver blades and off came the hair.
My cousin reckons I look like a boy now.
Someone said they love how daring it looks.
I'm itching to dye the entire thing a dark blue.
Annnnd. I'm happier than ever.

Happy New year everybody and the world. For once have achieved a New Year's goal and gone through with it. (I'm turning eighteen in December so I'm hoping by then my parents will finally get accustomed to the idea that this girl should have a nose piercing. And a boxed sat of the Harry Potter books. The kind that comes in a paper trunk. And maybe a time-turner. Fingers crossed.)

Of course the resolutions list contains many many more. Such as:
No joke people. I have one.
What even.
Augh. I have to actually be able to wear my bikini this summer! My dad's already making fun of me by patting my stomach and asking how exactly do I expect to go to the beach. I understand dad. This flab does not make me proud either. Sigh. I'm going to be working on that for sure. 

Also, dear people at the mall. I know you're in love. But can we please keep the hand holding and love struck look to a minimal amount. Not everybody has Enchanted by Taylor Swift playing in their heads you know.
(Okay, maybe everybody does. It was playing in the grocery the other day.)

The New Year's count down was spent on a friends roof listing to Firework by Katy Perry and drinking champagne. I watched the sands of time tick slowly by as 2011 said, "hello baby!"
Not really. But maybe.
I had three servings of rice that night. Not to mention the amount of trips I made back to the table to give my too sweet tooth some love and relief. And I made way too many toilet trips. Yup, 7up. I knew it was a bad idea to have too many of you.

The outfit:

It's my alpaca dress and my 350 - 400 pesos (About 6 dollars, I think.) dark purple pumps.
And the new hair of course.

Random: The guy in Katy Perry's music video for Teenage dream is an actual factual dream.

Also, I'm sewing away to get the shop ready for Valentine's day.

Dear 2011, be kind and don't leave me wishing we could rewind.
Love always,

( Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson )

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