Sunday, November 7, 2010

and so here we go bluebird / back to the sky on your own

Mission: Tree Trimming
Treat: Christmas Coffee Float
Problem: Asleep

Okay, I know it isn't fair to get the treat without actually helping with the setting up and such, but I will say in my defense that no one woke me up. At least, not until the tree was fully set up.
And I don't actually regret missing out on that part either considering  the amount of dust that surfaces when it's time to put all of the tree's branches to rights.
I'll still get to put up the ornaments and such which is a relief. 

Oh, coffee you know me so well.
Plus, you keep me well supplied with hyper-ness.

This wonderful drink contains some of the best things in life.
1. Coffee
2. Ice Cream
3. Whipped Cream
4. Stick-O


My day in a nutshell? 
Early bird, sing, sing, sing, long ride home, hot as a hot day, grilled cheese sandwiches drowning in butter, getting ready, more car rides, meeting up with wonderful people, endless chatter of books, books, books!, home (again), sleep, dinner, and lots of Christmas spirit.

What are you doing to get ready for the Christmas season?
Twinkling fairy lights?
Martha Stewart tutorials?
Did you break out the miniature belen?

( Bluebird - Sara Bareilles )

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