Friday, October 15, 2010

you wish silence released noise in tremors / you wish, I know it, surrender to summers

So, as of late I'm on the search for the perfect pair of ripped up jeans. Straight or skinny, either will be fine with me. And I know it isn't going to be cheap so I'm going to have to break the bank for this one. I'm saving starting now and maybe when I hit twenty those wonderful blues will be mine.

 It doesn't make it any easier seeing it on Miley either (minus the fact that they look extremely good on her).

Ugh. Oh, Taylor. Can I have those? Please?

Oh, Miss Alba. Why do you break my heart like that?

Nevertheless, I did try ripping up a pair of my own jeans. And in my opinion they came out rather cute. 
Though I am planning to put a few more holes.
I'll post a picture as soon as the up-loader decides to be my friend. 

(Go Do - J√≥nsi)

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