Tuesday, July 26, 2011

give me something fun to do / like a life of loving you

It's been a busy bee weekend and I've totally forgot about this blog.
My apologies faithful followers!

However, in repentance of my sins I have prepared a wonderful picture filled post. Off we go!

The end of it all came this July. I spent the morning before the movie making wands for the first time ever. 
(Go over to dadcando for instructions.)

This is the before picture.

And this is my handwork of which I am very proud.

Me, completely decked out in my potter gear. If you want glasses like mine (which Via made for me with loads of love) go over to theleakycauldron for the DIY.

I showed of my house colours and my Weasley appreciation shirt. 

It was real for us.
(Notice the wand in my back pocket?)

Also, I made a bacon roll up pencil case that I totally forgot to give. It's still on my shelf gathering dust.

And I went to a friend's birthday party. Some instax pictures taken that night.

Enjoying ourselves on the couch as we lie lazy with lids full of sleep.

Me as I show off my wilder side to Josh's fisheye camera (Which is like a dream by the way.). 
Also, I like showing off massive amounts of gums.It's just so flattering. Not.

Last but not least. The Teaspoons and the insanely funny Nina Pena sang at a Ladies Night recently. Here's a video of us rehearsing backstage and stuff.

Enjoy yourselves folks. 

(Oh, also this is a shout out to Becca. I love you dear!)

( Something in the Water - Brooke Fraiser )


  1. oh my word. a shout-out. stop it.
    oh my word.
    i love you.

  2. Cute bacon roll up pencil case!!